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I'm Miranda Sims, The Zingy Studio and welcome to my creative newsletter. When I’m not writing here, you will find me running creative workshops, developing creative education resources, working on community arts projects, and commercial art collabs. I am a working mother-of-two and love making art with and for children, they have the most fascinating sense of play and creative expression that in some ways moves away from us as we get older.

I really do believe art is for everyone, all the time! Do you remember how you felt when you were about 8 or 9 years old? That’s the time I remember being introduced to still life in art class with coloured markers and oil pastels and being inspired by the marks and colours of Vincent Van Gogh. That was a time when I can remember being so true to myself, playful, and expressive.

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Miranda Sims

Multidisciplinary designer, artist, and award-winning educator, but in essence I am a creative and would rather not put myself or my art in a box.